Free New “Rate Your Landlord” Tool By Tenant Center Is Taking Landlords By Surprise

April 19 00:21 2024
Free New "Rate Your Landlord" Tool By Tenant Center Is Taking Landlords By Surprise
Tenants are using this free tool from Tenant Center to rate their landlords and find safe housing and good landlords.

April 18, 2024 – Tenant Center has released a brand new free tool that is helping numerous tenants. The new tool, called “Rate Your Landlord” allows tenants to rate their landlord or rental property anonymously including ratings for the landlord, maintenance, rental amount and more. It also allows tenants to provide detailed information on their rental to help future tenants.

Previously there were very few options to find out the ratings for properties and this free new tool is enabling tenants to find safe homes with good landlords.

Tenants reported a recent property advertised as a gated community that turned out to have a gate that did not work and another had water used from a contaminated well. These important ratings, along with scores of positive ones, provide invaluable feedback to tenants making decisions on where to rent.

Tenant Center provides a variety of free resources to help tenants empower themselves and save thousands of dollars.

Statistics show that 76% of tenants are not familiar with the basics of Tenant Rights and the security deposit laws of their state resulting in landlords being able to set the rules. Tenant Center provides a platform to empower tenants and flip the control back from landlords to tenants.

We invite everyone who is renting to rate their landlord.

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