AlloHash providing a platform where people can transact on cryptocurrency without internet connection

February 12 20:48 2018

February 12th, 2018 – With Cryptocurrency becoming popular and its usage increasing day by day, businesses are coming up with innovative strategies to allow seamless transactions and use of the blockchain technology. AlloHash, a unique and revolutionary platform is allowing people to exchange, trade or send cryptocurrencies without being connected to the internet. The platform which is designed on the Ethereum based blockchain is using smart contract technology to significantly improve efficiency of short messages services. While making the announcement, the company spokesperson said that regardless of the location in the world, the cost of the sending the short text is the same, “our prices are flat rate global coverage any time of the day,” said the spokesperson.

On security of the transaction, the company spokesperson said that this is fully guaranteed, the user will use a PIN to identify in every transaction, giving it a high sense of security. After commanding the platform through the new SMS, there will be a transfer of the balance instantly without paying high fees or waiting for the confirmations.

AlloHash is offering a solution where payments and transactions can be done without using the internet.’ The platform will be of great use to people who would like to carry out an urgent transaction but there is no internet signal,” said the company representative adding that the system is easy to understand unlike most digital payment platform and trading exchanges which have interface which is hard to comprehend since they have lengthy process and require loads of verifications and documentations.

A customer who has used the system said that Allohash is a ground breaking platform that revolutionizes the way blockchain technology operates. The customer added that the platform is user-friendly and quick, offering benefits to both the customers and purchasers. He added that the system is more secure than many would imagine especially due to the fact that there are no personal or account details that are required.

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