Media Medic, Newly-Launched Audio Cleanup Service in Springfield

February 10 04:32 2018
Media Medic, an audio and video cleanup service, has just opened its business in Springfield, the third largest city in Missouri.

Springfield, MO Media Medic, an audio and video cleanup service, has just opened its business in Springfield, the third largest city in Missouri.

“Our ability to quickly deliver high-quality results has earned us a reputation as one of the leaders in the A/V industry. We love helping to clean up and restore audio and video files for our clients and have honed our process to be very detailed and efficient, giving you the best results at an affordable price”, the company claims.

Most recordings are made using mobile phones or digital voice recorders. They pick up noise from the surroundings like passing cars, barking dogs, etc. Other times, the sound may appear muffled or staticy. All these compromise the quality of the audio, sometimes even to the point that it becomes unusable.

This is where Media Medic comes in. They are a team of audio and video engineers who have had years of experience crafting sound for films, music, and the spoken word. They can help clean up voicemails and recordings in the most efficient and cleanest way possible without altering the content of the original recording.

They deal with wind noise removal, click and pop removal, hum and his removal, crackle and buzz removal, distorted audio, de-clipping audio, audio cleaning, hidden microphone recording cleaning, and a lot more. Background noise removal is their specialty.

All they need from their client is a digital copy of the source files and a description of how the audio was recorded and in what environment. They also need the specific time stamps on the recording that are of higher priority. When the client has compiled all these, they will check the file to ensure that they can deliver before they collect the payment. They guarantee a 5-business-day turnaround time for each project.

Media Medic also offers a video cleanup service. They can help out with issues like scaling/pixel interpolation, sharpening or enhancing, stabilization, exposure or shadow adjustment, frame averaging, and speed reduction.

Media Medic services criminal defense lawyers, prosecuting attorneys, law enforcement agencies, child protective services, and many more. They charge $400 per file, no matter the length or format. They even offer discounts for longer-term projects and government agencies.

Anyone interested to obtain their services may give them a call at 800-674-9878, email them at [email protected], or visit their website at Media Medic is located at 405 N Jefferson Ave, Springfield, MO 65806.

Media Contact
Company Name: Media Medic
Contact Person: Ben Clayton
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 800-674-9878
Address:405 N Jefferson Ave
City: Springfield
State: Missouri
Country: United States