Alexander Rose Continues to Provide Quality Garden Furniture After 23 Years

October 05 18:24 2017

BURGESS HILL, UK – Founded in 1994 by Borge Leth and the Pepera family, Alexander Rose has become a modern staple for luxury patio furniture in the UK. In the 23 years since its inception, the Alexander Rose company has passed through many different hands and gone through many different stages as trends come and go, but there has remained one through line- their extreme dedication to producing the most high-quality, stylish, and comfortable garden furniture imaginable. Known for their deep-seat outdoor living sets as well as their meticulously crafted wooden outdoor furniture sets, Alexander Rose has a reputation for keeping their clientele, both residential and commercial, living comfortably and luxuriously. Today, Alexander Rose has outdoor furniture featured in locations throughout the UK such as homes, hotels, spas, and golf clubs.

Luxury though their furniture may be, it does not come at the steep environmental cost that some other luxury goods do. Alexander Rose takes a strict stance on keeping the materials used for the production of their goods as environmentally friendly as possible. They do this by knowing where, and who, their materials come from. In turn, this gives makes them a socially conscious, and highly affable business. They also actively work to reduce their carbon footprint by not over-packaging their goods, and minimizing their use of toxic chemicals during furniture production.  

The Alexander Rose brand stands out amongst their competitors for many reasons, the most important of which being their high-quality, luxury furniture. As one of the top-producing garden furniture companies in the UK and Europe, they are known for producing residential and commercial furniture that outfits their customer’s gardens in comfortability, sustainability, and stylish luxury. They place a high value on customer service and satisfaction, and in turn have built a large base of buyers that return time and time again for both residential and commercial needs.

Alexander Rose has spent the past 23 years of business building a personal brand that is unlike any other in their business. Their ability to look beyond simply producing garden furniture to factors such as their environmental impact, the happiness of their employees, and most importantly the satisfaction of their customers has allowed them to become one of the largest and best garden furniture companies in the UK and Europe. It comes as no surprise that a business of their caliber has been successful for as long as they have, and they are sure to continue to create luxurious, stylish, and comfortable garden furniture for years to come.

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