Here Are More And More Industries In Order To Increase Production Efficiency

December 02 15:56 2021

With the development of automation industry, there are more and more industries in order to increase production efficiency, began to use automatic labeling machine, everyone who uses the machine wants to extend the service life of the machine, so how to do it? Let us Fineco company for you to talk about it.

1. Try to eliminate the effect of static electricity on the machine

When the automatic labeling machine is connected to the production line of other machines, it is easy to produce static electricity if the electrical details are not handled properly, Static electricity will affect the labeling effect. On the production line, professional electrical engineers should be invited to deal with the electrical work, and external equipment can also be used to eliminate static electricity. For example, the use of ionic fan can effectively solve the electrostatic problem. In addition, regular cleaning of the labeling machine to keep the equipment internal cleanliness, Keep the label away from dust, Improve product labeling quality.

2. Increase the viscosity of the label and stick the label firmly, Choose good quality labels

Many poor quality labels, their surface will have a layer of not cleaned up the glue, these glue is easy to stick to the labeling machine, and some glue is corrosive, easy to wear the roller labeling machine, so try to choose good quality label on the label. After the product is processed, try to clean the surface before labeling, because many times after the product is processed, there will be a lot of oil and other substances on the surface, which will affect the labeling effect. If there is a lot of dust on the surface of the product, it is easy to  be arched due to dust when labeling. If there is a lot of oil on the product, the label is easy to stick, or even fall off and stick to the machine.

3. Maintenance

When there is water on the machine, wipe it off in time to avoid rust. Clean the roller of the labeling machine regularly to check whether there is glue stuck to it and whether the surface is damaged, spray the machine with anti-rust spray on a weekly basis. Do not place the machine in damp, low temperature and explosive environment. If you must production in these environments, make sure you talk to the manufacturer before customizing the machine, let them use the materials used in their particular environment.

Through the above methods can greatly improve the service life of automatic labeling machine.

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