Cryptocurrency Meets the Beauty and the City Vegan Beauty Box

December 02 20:54 2021

The First Beauty Box that can be purchased with crypto, launches its unique signature all Vegan Beauty Box, now trending on Kickstarter’s Crowdfunding platform.  This hand-curated collection features an extraordinary lineup of vegan cosmetics, customized to cater to a woman’s make-up preferences and personal skincare needs.  The Beauty and the City Beauty Box rewards offer a ticket to a basic workshop with an informational talk on cryptocurrency side by side with beauty hack demonstrations.  

This vegan beauty brand is uniquely inspired by the compelling Beauty and the City story of a young unsuspecting urban girl, “Milan’, who breaks down barriers to enter a multi-billion dollar, high profile industry of glamour, influence, prestige, and fame, ultimately rising to the top, inside the greatest city in the world. The Beauty and the City Story in part will be included inside each Beauty Box, which features vegan and clean beauty cosmetics made without harsh chemicals. 

Beauty and the City products are specially formulated blends of antioxidants, plant extracts, vitamins, and natural oils. Nowadays, symbols of beauty are characterized by longer eyelashes, fuller brows, glowing and radiant skin.   Natural beauty is most appreciated and achieved when PROJUVENATION is in effect. Projuvenation is a term used to describe the impact of restoring the skin to its natural, healthy, and youthful glow; ultimately diminishing fine lines, preventing skin damage, and the effects of untimely aging skin. Cosmetics from the BNTC Beauty Box Collection were made as dual-purpose products. For example, eyeliner pencils can be worn as waterproof eyeliners and as soft iridescent eye shadows as well. 

The Beauty and the City Beauty Box offers women the total convenience of a quick daily make-up routine along with the benefits of clean beauty ingredients.  The Beauty in the City Beauty Box was created for women on the go, allowing her to get that “well put together look in 2 minutes or less.  While our cosmetics enhance a woman’s natural glow, all products are naturally good for the skin. As we passionately release our Beauty and the City hand-curated beauty box, we offer women a personalized subscription based on products selected by them.  Skincare items are all vegan, revitalizing, and beautifying; ultimately leaving the skin radiant, healthy, and restored.

We are a socially conscious, cause-related beauty brand.  Our mission is to do good for our customers with causemetics that do good for the environment. We will donate a percentage of our gross profits to organizations that are set to protect wildlife and promote social justice. 

Tanille, Creative Director & Founder of Beauty and the City says “Knowing that the cosmetic industry has such an impact on women’s health, personal care, financial and professional lives, clean beauty is the way to go. We are now looking at how to bring sustainable lifestyle products to the Beauty and the City Beauty Box along with a look into the world of cryptocurrency, as a next step.”  Women can now get this VEGAN Beauty Box… using cryptocurrency.  “As more people continue to use cryptocurrency Beauty and the City will continue to make it easy for women to invest in personal care and beauty. Beauty and the City cosmetics is a Black-owned business, with all make-up and skincare products for women of all ethnicities and skin tones.

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