Mighty Travels Shows How to Book The Cheapest Flights

April 11 00:44 2019

For booking cheap flights, there are all of the normal culprits, such as Kayak, Google Flights, and Expedia, however, most of these make their money on commission, rather than a subscription based model, so they are more likely to suggest you more expensive flights in order to make more money off of you, when an even cheaper flight could be waiting in the wings. Enter Mighty Travels, an affordable, subscription based service that shows you the cheapest airfare they can find. With over 450,000 scans of new flights every day, from 3,000 international airports, Mighty Travels’ machine learning algorithm finds you the cheapest flights, from all over the world, while avoiding phantom fares, and other hidden costs. Mighty Travels’ algorithms are so advanced that they have features that even the more well known bodies don’t have, such as being able to filter by cost-per-mile, a valuable feature for any thrifty excursionist.

In addition to their state of the art fare monitoring services, Might Travels also curates flights for their members based on the parameters that they plug into their queries. So let’s say you want to search all cabin classes, from Denver, traveling to anywhere in the world, and you want to travel no more than 5000 miles, on Star Alliance, where the maximum price is $300, and the with a Skytrax minimum ranking of 2, and you want to make sure you earn points for Copa ConnectMiles, this would all be possible with Might Travels’ Premium.

As you can tell from the screenshots, it will tell you how much you are saving, as well as how many points you will accrue, in addition to any additional fees, such as bag check.

One of the better features of Mighty Travels is its ability to spot “mistake fares,” which are when the airline accidentally lists something for a rate that it didn’t mean to. This can sometimes result in some incredible deals, resulting in 75-90% off normal fares. If you select this option, they will send you either email and/or SMS alerts.

So let’s say you aren’t too particular where you are going, and want to go somewhere with nice accomodations for a reasonable price. As of version 3.6, Mighty Travels has brought back their hotel deal monitoring system, where they list an array of hotels around the world offering deals that are anywhere between 50 – 90% off their normal pricing. For instance, if you wanted to be in Sao Paulo in the last week of June, and spend a night of luxury, you could slash 75% off the normal price of $415 at the Sheraton Santos Hotel, and pay only $102.

Confused on where you would like to go? Mighty Travels also has a comprehensive guide for 150 different cities around the world, ranging from the obvious, like San Francisco and Austin, to the more opaque, like Astana, Kazakhstan and Colombo, Sri Lanka. For instance, did you know that, unlike the musing of Sasha Baron Cohen’s Borat, Kazakhstan is an incredibly modern country with architecture that would make Frank Lloyd Wright blush?

Here are some pictures from travelers who have used Mighty Travels to book deals:

Once again, you can use Travelocity, or Google Flights in order to book your deals, however, at the end of the day, they make money on commission, and are therefore probably biased, so it would be wise to use a subscription based service that scans all of the sites across the web for the best deal possible, such as Mighty Travels.

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