The Korean Rising Star in the Milk Tea Industry “T BUN” Is Franchising the Business Globally

March 25 18:03 2019

The milk tea business is gaining extreme popularity in the international market. For the past 10 years, Taiwanese milk tea brands dominate the market and expand their business without any competitor.

However, Korean franchising system T BUN is now competing with major Taiwanese brands recently and it is aggressively expanding the business globally. T BUN opened the shops in Korea, Australia, and the Philippines from 2017 to 2018. T BUN is opening its 1st shop at Kuala Lumpur International Airport on 15th of April and 2nd, 3rd shops right after the grand opening of the 1st shop. T BUN Kuwait also opens the 1st shop in early June. T BUN is now under final negotiation with potential master franchisees from many countries and hopes to sign the master franchise agreements soon.

Milk tea, sometimes called as Bubble Tea or Boba Tea, is originated from Taiwan and Taiwanese milk tea brands including “Gongcha” and “Chatime” have been popular in the market for the last decade. We can hardly see competitors from other countries and Taiwanese milk tea brands dominate the market.

However, T BUN made great efforts to differentiate from major Taiwanese milk tea brands by offering some Korean special beverages and bakeries. T BUN offers “Korean citron” “Korean grapefruit” and “Korean orange” for teas, sparkling juices, and smoothies. T BUN also includes “Korean sweet potatoes” “Korean pumpkins” and “Korean sweet red beans” in their menus. T BUN has the confidence to attract a lot of global customers.

That is why it looks pretty realistic that T BUN plans to open the shops at least in 10 countries this year and in 30 countries by the end of 2020. T BUN hopes to be the global leader in the market by the end of next year.

With its superb quality milk tea and sophisticated franchising system, cleverly developed by a group of tea masters and franchise specialists, T BUN also adds special bakery menus like “Kimchi waffle” “Kimchi burger” and “Kimchi Panini”. T BUN proudly announces that these special Korean bakery menus will be in the menu from the 1st shop in Malaysia.

T BUN still offers relatively lower master franchise fees compare to other major milk tea franchising systems but these fees will be increased soon. That is why it will be better to join T BUN as master franchisees before the fees remain reasonable.

Interested in learning more about Master Franchise opportunities for the exploding T Bun business model in your country? Do you want milk tea in Gangnam Style?

Then contact Jonathan Kwon, Managing Director of T BUN International at [email protected].

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