Radio-style Minute Messages: Now Clients Can Hear Messages Too

March 25 17:54 2019

Each night, a parent reads books to her children. And nearly every day, a teacher reads aloud to her class. What do these activities have in common?

The parent and teacher take the words from a page, and turn them into spoken form. Since the beginning of recorded time, stories have been spread in this way&one person talking to another.

Rix Quinn, a former magazine editor, takes company information in print form and converts it into radio-style presentations called Minute Messages.

The messages can be placed on the companys web site, or sent to clients as mp3 format attached messages.

This offers a way newspapers and magazines can add emphasis to information delivery. And, it helps companies broadcast the value of new products or services.  

To receive a special report on audio Minute Messages as well as a sample  just send your name, e-mail, and phone number to [email protected].

With over 20 years of experience, Rix Quinn discovered that the ideal memorable story requires three things: a person, a problem, and a purpose.

Quinn discovered this while working as a national business magazine writer.  “Many of the people we interviewed were successful business founders,” he explains. “But I wanted to find out their life interests, and the major reasons they chose their professions.”

Over some 20-plus years, Quinn saw that memorable true stories had much in common with timeless fables by Aesop and the Brothers Grimm.

Quinn, who holds degrees from Texas Christian University and California State, also undertook a quest to determine a story’s ideal length.  

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