The North America Tourism Association hosted the 40th anniversary of the China-US diplomatic relations summit Conference at Seattle on March 16th, 2019

March 25 17:51 2019
By Wenyi Zhang

Seattle, WA – On March 16th, North America Tourism Association (NATA) with WEGET held the 40th Anniversary of China-US Diplomatic Relation Summit Conference at the Hotel Interurban in Tukwila, WA.

The conference invited the Mayor of Tukwila Allan Ekberg and the Washington State Senator Bob Hasegawa as well as the China-US political, business, media and cultural communication leaders were invited to discuss the development of China-US relations over the past four decades and to look forward to more possibilities in the future.

First of all, opening speech by the first president of NATA: Jinxin Zhang (Jackie Zhang). As the organizer of this summit, he expressed gratitude to all the people attending this summit. Jinxin Zhang is a young Chinese-American entrepreneur in the United States. He has established Meixi Travel LLC. GO US VIP LLC., also a high-end real estate investment consultant in the United States. He has participated in several essential symposia and the 2017-2018 Buffett Shareholders Meeting as an outstanding entrepreneur.

At the summit, the first panel (English) was hosted by the well-known compere Lele Tian. Panelists talk about mainly focusing on the review the China-US of relations over the past four decades and discuss more possibilities in the future. On how to maximize the interests of the two countries and to promote more cultural exchanges China-US, they gave convincing answers from the professional perspectives of their respective fields.

Michelle Zou hosted the second panel (Chinese). Several Chinese entrepreneurs who came to the United States from in different eras shared their personal experiences in the United States. These panelists presented not only witnessed the development of China-US relations, but also an important bridge to promote China-US cultural, economic, trade and point of view communication.

NATA Board members photo. Organizer North America Tourism Association (NATA) was established in Seattle on May 18th, 2016, it is a comprehensive non-profit tourism industry association composed of organizations and private companies on an equal and voluntary basis. The purpose is to promote China-US tourism and cultural exchanges, expand China-US economic and trade exchanges, safeguard the legitimate rights, and interests of tourists from China and the United States, and to make Chinese tourism culture exchanges more legal, standardized and sustainable.

Several China-US political, business, media and cultural communication leaders took photo at the summit. Recalling that since Comrade Deng Xiaoping promoted formal diplomatic relations China-US in 1979, the development of economic, trade and diplomatic relations China-US has started from scratch and has developed steadily into a mutually beneficial and mutually beneficial bilateral relationship for 40 years. Today, China and the United States are important tourist destinations and source countries with more than 5 million visits every year. The economic benefits brought by tourism to the two countries have also accelerated the development of China-US.

In the end, organizer North America Tourism Association with co-organizer WEGET sincerely thanks Hotel Interurban; the founder of Seattle Top Properties Janice Cai;Hometown Advisor real estate agent Yuanfang Zhou; the US-China Global Economic Association, Ju Yi Xuan; Art Mount and Frame Studio;Oriental Education Group and Premier Financial Alliance that for supporting the funds and materials of this conference.

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