Iran Arbitrage over BTC offered by Areatak Global

March 25 16:08 2019
“Areatak Global, a blockchain enterprise from Iran, is offering BTC arbitrage of about 2.5-3% less than the current value due to their financial and strategic needs of their Chinese mining clients.”

Areatak Global, an Iranian blockchain research firm, is offering Bitcoin at 2.5-3% lower rate than any other of its global contemporaries, which is intrinsically tied to the low cost of power in the country, as well as Chinese miners looking to capitalize upon the fact by setting a strong business presence in the country, but are unable to do so as of this moment in time.

The mining companies from all over the world have been looking towards Iran because of their low cost of electronic power, as well as mining Iran BTC capabilities as an immense opportunity in the face of constant devaluation of the cryptocurrency. Areatak’s offers generally encapsulate the potential of selling this technology at an essentially lower price than any other part all over the world. Since Bitcoin exists only upon the online domain, it is supposed to be valued uniformly all over the world. But, in Iran, due to sanctions by the United States, lowering the value of the cryptocurrency has become a very real possibility.

There is also a definite reason behind it too; as many Chinese miners arriving in the country want to sell the BTC owned by them very quickly. This is because almost all of their mining rigs are at the hand of the customs of the Iranian government due to the laws in the country prohibiting mining activities by foreigners. This form of Bitcoin arbitrage would serve to bolster the economy of the country quite well, but it would benefit buyers even more as such a drop in price through BTC arbitrage would mean devaluation, and saving of costs upon thousands at a time. But, it may not remain as such, as the fear of Bitcoin is still under the threat of dropping again. To know all about Areatak Global, and all its offerings and services, check out their website at   

About Areatak Global

Areatak Global is a firm from Teheran, Iran that provides relevant and essential blockchain solutions, consultancy and products to local firms, most of which are involved in the power sector. In Areatak, one can easily find the best minds versed in the technology that can be found all over the country working together in partnership to provide a host of different and variable solutions. From consultancy, financial infrastructure and supply chains to KYC and decentralized apps, everything is under the domain and facilitated by Areatak who are creating waves in the market all over the world.

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